Hey Belos,

I hope you're well. I've been a fan of Gothic-Iowegian since I was a teen (around 12, maybe 13, I'm 33 next month),
I noticed it was down. I hope this is alright, but I picked up the domain and uploaded what I could find of the site.
It's massively nostalgic for me. The site gave me a love of horror films, and I still have the recommended films that I found on your site.
I contacted you many moons ago about the site, but I can't find what I wrote though.
I hope this is not too weird, my wife thinks it is!

I just want to keep it alive. But unfortunately it's missing lots of little bits, you wouldn't happen to have a backup would you?
I could provide you with a FTP login if you could upload it?

I hope you read this and are not too weirded out. I did try and email, but it bounced back.

Thanks West M.