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Awards, for the newbies and the oldies:
I like to have awards on hand, for the top drawer sites, down to
the beginner. You'll find awards for sites you never
thought of...so read on :)


I often surf the net and give
awards w/out being asked...BUT
unlike some folks, I give them out of appreciation.

I don't expect or require (!) that you
link the award back to me.

I give them out of appreciation
not to advertise!

I'm often upgrading
the awards to look
nicer, so look them
over often.

The Links below
Will help you select a category
and then just jump to it:
just click on the dead gurl!

Best of da' best
Includes sites for:
Digital Art

Gothic Models
Lots for the ladys,
and even da' guyz.

General Dark
Styled sites, and includes
those just starting out.

Specialty Sites
Message Boards
Even MySpace

Uber Special
These are ones that
may NOT be requested,
but that I'll be
looking to give when
I look over a site.