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My son is the best young man I know!
I needed to update this page, and to give you a chance
to meet the rest of the family too :)

Grandpa belos
*now you know where I get it from*
But really, He's the finest example of a
loving Father and anything in me that is good
and honest and decent~I truly owe to Him!

Grandma Belos
Don't let the smile fool you :)
*believes in the gospel truth that women do not fart*

(now we know why they complain, otherwise, they'd explode)

Mr. Belos & Mrs. Belos
*for those who have asked, ONLY Mr. Belos
is involved with this site..."Mrs."
is as non-gothical as any regular normie*

The RugRat
This is a photo when he was MUCH younger,
but one of my fav's.
I had NO idea that he'd go so far in
Go-Karting, that we'd wind up competing in Red Bull!

My son qualified in 2 races here in Iowa,
and we are headed 08-23-04 for Sonoma, California
where he will compete over a 3 day trial, for Red Bull sponsorship.

*taken July, 2004*
If he gets selected in Sonoma, then within 2 weeks, we'll
be in Miami, Florida for the finals
and a bid for FULL sponsorship by Red Bull.

If he makes it there...well, you would not believe it!
I can't fathom, that a boy at age 14, can get a shot like this.
And if he makes it, later they'll train him, to officially drive
Fromula F-1 for Red bull.

Update 08-30-04...we are back :)
Out of 140 racers, only 5 went on to Miami,
and we are not in that 5..next year maybe?
So..my son is consoling himself :)