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Please note: all images
used within this site
are copyrighted to
their respective owners
and are used here
strictly for

P.S. The image IS me--->
But was taken in 2001.
I went WHITE haired at 35 and
colored it, now, I've
decided to let it go white again.
AND I've sure as hell a-g-e-d!
I'll get some new pics soon
....maybe :)

I'm ADDING this page, to help you
"navigate" a wee bit better.
I have very carefully gone thru
the site and NO images should
be missing. But, due to the
heavy grafix content, you
may encounter this:

If you do, just refresh the page
or R-Click/show picture.

*1st* a request-
DON'T LINK to images here !!!

*2nd...please come again....:)

*3rd..Check out My Site Map
as it has fast links and a page by page
description of the site!

*4th...PLEASE have fun here..this'z
important to me, that you do.

***FINALLY...As I add more galleries
and jpg/gif pages, custom
graphics/custom gifs....

PLEASE remember, I AM NOT
the creator of these images,
I only tinkered with them.
If you elect to use them--
you may not link to them,
you must download to your own.

Because I did not create them from
scratch, I have no authority to
"invite" them to be taken.
For GUIDELINES on these images please,
click the RED eye below and
READ first..please..
(I'll give ya' a Tootsie Roll)

*this site started in 09/2001*
also-folks write and ask what
which graphics program I use?
A simple Photoshop Elements --
the old version #1...and many hours
of cursing quietly :)

I'd better tell you about THIS:
*inspired by other sites, that don't "glom" up
the page links with too many items..I have installed
HIDDEN PAGES...heh..heh..
*when you see the little THINGEE below by a topic
if you CLICK that lil' Thingee, you will be
taken to HIDDEN pages that take that
topic into greater depths*

thiz'e the thingee!
G'Head..give it a "CLICK".

places you can vote for me if
you feel so inclined :)


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