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This area is in special dedication!
BUT...1st let me say a heart-felt
thank you, to so many of you who have taken
the time to contact me and let me know that
the site gave you enjoyment and especially a smile.
That's the greatest gift I could get...to have made someone
smile, if even for a moment :)


Don't hurt yourself from Depression!
*please...visit this wonderful
young Lady 1st

Goth Help Us
If in any fashion, you are tired
of the typical stereotyping of goths,
then I urge you to see what awaits you inside here!

When you are invited to join a Top List,
they give you a link to use that includes a
small graphic....they've set it to hot link
back to them...that's okay.
But, when you borrow a graphic from another site
by inserting the Url for it into your page
instead of saving it to your own C-drive to be used,
you slow down a person's site, can cost them $$$,
and even, depending on the server's conditions,
cause the site to be cancelled.

We all love the world of web-sites
~so please~
let us be kind to each other.
Use your own drive for images.
-thanks folks-

Our Lady Of Darkness
Is a new book of stories by Sinthyia.
She's been a close Lady to me for several years and
when she wanted to use one of my photos for the cover
I could not have been more flattered--she's even making
the news in cirlces like Oprah Winfrey!

Click on the book to visit her blog and read about the book
and maybe you'll wanna order one :)


You Have Made It To The "End"

has sadly closed it's doors,
but she started the dark Guardian campaign!

PLEASE also visit Shadow at this site*