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OKAY~Time To Switch To Coffee
(best legal drug there is!)

Ya' know, sites like mine, are places you visit
once, maybe twice, for a few minutes. We (I) are a part
of the average person's life for about 30 minutes
of their life-then forgotten, as it should be.
I hope I'm able to make those few minutes, nice ones.

Ya' know those stooopid little figures
that you see on dashboards, or,
rear windows?
I'd rather see these!

The EURYTHMICS is a band I have been listening to
since they started. Billed as "New Wave"
back when Wave was new, I'd have never placed
them under "Goth" style music...but they
truly fit in, and VERY well. Please check them out
and hit the "thingee" to see some pics
and the lyrics to Annie's ANGEL

Here at Belos Labs
we pride ourselves on the
level of bio-creative
critters we produce.
Please enjoy your FREE Tour~

What would a GOTHIC
Easter egg hunt look like?
Hey, Easter is almost
upon us :)

A Rose By Any Other
Name Would..uh..*whatever

So many Gothic and Vampiric
sites utilize ~Roses in their
artistic layouts that I was stunned
to find that, there are not really that
many rose graphics out there.
I hope you can find here some
unique colors and schemes to use.

Icon Medallions
Another genre of images that
is hard to find is the medallion

Once the above pendings are filled in, this page will,
of course, end...BUT...like I'm doing
with many other areas, once you get to page 8
a link at the bottom will start a NEW series.