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Got a lot more stuff for you and a LOT of folks I wanna tell ya' about!

We all have times that hurt, beyond
anything one could imagine, but I think,
those who are a bit Dark Spirited
tend to have that inner strength
(no offense) to face it head on better than
most. So, let's face it...

X Julie X
Julie is another fine Model
who has been gracious with
request for images to use
in this little gallery for her :)


I'm blessed to know
the Countess thru her
site, and she allowed
this gallery of
manipulated images
to be put up for you!

That even tho' it has nothing to do with
the theme of my site, I hadda include
it here. This is the earth,
taken from space at night, and
shows just how far into space light
can travel. All the bright areas are
from city/home/car/street lights.


-no loud noises-

Don't Forget
to check out the
photo albums under
"Gothic Photography
By Belos"

Home sweet Home
Would it not be cool if:
instead of mags like
Better Homes & Gardens
we had ...like:
Better Goths & Cribs?
Come Book A Room!

What Would Jesus Do?
Is a bracelet that was popular
awhile back, till everyone was buying them
and did not care WWJD. So,
I felt at liberty to....

Ever Wonder Why yer'
Folks Are So Weird?

Because (myself included) of those "nasty" films we used to watch.
See-starting with the late 50's and thru the late 60's
the Drive-Inn movies were KING, and, the makers
of grade-B Schlock and exploitation films realized
what a gold-mine the Drive-Inn could be.
Either you were old enuff to see these R rated bizzare films, or,
since the Drive-Inn is not enclosed, you could just grab
a bag of chips and camp out on the hill behind
the parked cars...and oogle.
Here's a secrect glimpse into our "formative years".
*it's started-let me know if I
should continue to expand it into
more pages~