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Sinthyia Darkness
Published author and Lovely
bad-assed model!

The Wrong Side of Heaven
By the pricking of my thumbs
something profane this way comes!

I Luv quality movies!
NO...it's not what you think!
(shame on you!)

When there is no
more room in Hell

the dead will make the news :)
100% RE-BORN new stuff!

Black is Gothic!
Oh really?....'zat so?
Drop in and decide
for yourselves :)

Gothic? Goth? what?!
I shop (at Hot-Topic),
therefore I am!
Actually, I like Hot-Topic

Carpathian Goddess
All the way from the
Czech Republic and
Slovakia, comes a lady
you should meet!

may be the only MODERN
documented case of true VAMPIRISM

Founded by Catholic Bishop: Sean Manchester:
the Vampire Research Society located in Highgate, London,
has a utterly comprehensive site on this and other
possible cases of actual vampirisim.
is their website and I encourage you to
spend a few hours there to read up on this. You know,
science has never been able to disprove that
such a creature could NOT exist, and anyone knows
a little bit about mystical theology, knows that while only
God can create and sustain life, Satan has been able,
in rare cases, to ape that on a very small scale,
but it's still a cheat. Of course, once science
crawled into bed with Siggmund "Fraud" and Carl "Dung",
it has lost all confessions that either God or Satan
even exist.