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If you pass my "thingee" by..
you'll miss out on about half the site-
remember to check it out where you see it.

Early morning Saturday toons,
but, with j-u-s-t a tiny
"twist" on them.

Sometimes, hearts
can hurt~

So, this small gallery
is dedicated to those times

a Garden of

A special Garden, for a special Gal.
*Do NotMiss This*

~Does It?~
If you are like me, there are days
you come home with only half
a butt-cheek....because
you ground it off all day at work.

UnHoly Traces
Just a heads-up-
when you find this gallery later on
you'll NEED to turn up
your monitor brightness, or,
you won't see most of the images.

The aspects of them are "subtle"!

!#@*(@#)!@!!! AWESOME !
I've added intro's to WONDERFUL artists here !!!
TRUST me, you'll love 'em.
Got some OUTSTANDING people to introduce you to
I have a few now, so, come on in!

Consisting mostly of sugars, proteins,
inorganic salts and dead white blood cells,
(all perfectly edible)
mucus is produced by the mucous membrane to keep
the inside of yer' sniffer moist.
The nose produces approximately One cup of mucus every day.
Dirt, lint, cooties, pollen and other microscopic
goodies get trapped in tiny nose hairs, called Cilia.
When mucus dries : a Booger, is born.

If it is flicked rather than eaten,
the Booger is considered Stillborn.

(bet yer' really glad you read THIS far down-hugh?)

And Why Not?

Black Swan:
A non-vampyre
lover or friend who does not feel the draw to become sanguine,
but who is nevertheless favorably inclined towards Vampyres.
They may or may not frequent vampyre nightclubs and
usually understand the vampyre-fetish/ lifestyle.

Some Sort of Blog Thing
As if you did not get tired of me
running off at the mouth on the other pages
you can read more of my thoughts
(or would that be verbal constipation?)
on this page that has various topics.
this will be heavy reading, and you'll find
I can be serious...for once..sort of-

This is one of the sites that
heads up my first links page.
Honest~I love this Lady's site and
when I'm in the crappiest moods at work,
She perks me right up! I can't help feel cheery
just on the colors and such!
I even screen snap-shot her page and have
it as my wallpaper at work :)

"NO...the OTHER way..."
(sorry, He means well) I hope you enjoy the site!