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MUSIC HATH CHARMS TO SOOTHE THE SAVAGE BEAST...guess that includes twits like me, too.
My taste in music is in what it is saying, and, what/how does the music itself, combined with the vocals, give a name and face to the things inside me. It can be rock-techno-Monster Magnet-Rob Zombie- on up through 100% GREAT christian artists like RAY BOLTZ (even if christian music ain't yer' thing-check him out).

  THE OLD LATIN=THE LANGUAGE OF THE CHURCH! (may I be frank?-okay-Frank is not my real name, but bear with me) SCREW all the "new-age" applications of this beautiful prayersong, the aromatherapy junkies, and the rest of all such CRAP: This is why God gave voice to man! I've got a big enough collection to front the *musac* at the Vatican for the next 10 years (big smile).

  CLASSIACL music..is..GOTHIC! "Mozart - whadda Goth!" The highest form of respected Gothic music is the old masters (old farts like me call it respectable-anyway) Think I'm full of SShiznit? Study the period, the art-etc...

  GOTH music does not HAVE to mean "Techno": Unquiet Grave is a truly nice collection of many talents. So MANY artists like these, Sophya, and many others, produce music that is ~Gothic~ in the contemplative genre without coming off as metal-punk-etc....romantic in it's unique way, it touches emotional areas of each person and gives them face and form.