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Because I continue to get the odd e-mail and guestbook entry
belaboring the fact that I am not a "Goth", I felt this page needed
to be reserved to re-address this.
Short of writting it in braille and shoving it up
certain peeps chocolate wizwangs, I'm at a loss of what else to do.

On the "Hello There" page in this site
I have already stated that I am a GOTHIC, and also stated
I am not a GOTH....'read my lips'!

Gothics are 'dark cousins' to the goth culture just as they
are to the Vampiric culture and viceee versee.

As a 'family' per se, in that the likes and dislikes of each flow over
into each other's little realms, I do feel a liberty for observation.

I add to that the fact that I am 45 years old at the time of
this addendum and since 1973 have been close friends
with Vamps~Goths~Gothics~Witches~etc:
Like it or not, the exposure and the sheer years
(32 years as a "Gothic")
equates to a degree of mature observation.

The whole reason for the site was to have fun,
for you and for me, and for the non-darkness people that
have given me just as much grief over these 32 years
as you, dear reader, can likely relate to.

Trust me...wearing mostly -or all- all black and the
other things I'm partial to displaying publically
brings the same disdain down upon myself as white
face paint with black lips.
Even more so...because they ain't sure 'what' I am:
(Ive been asked if I was)

And all of you who find your joy
in dark things know JUST
what I'm talking about.

You ever notice that there are 1,000's of
Christian denominations out there that
Hate each other's guts because....
You Ain't in our church You Ain't saved!


God forbid those of us who
groove to the dark and morbid
begin to become so hen-peckish that we decry a dark
brother or sister, when we should appreciate
meeting a kindred spirit.

About 90% of the folks I'm meeting
thru this site have been the kindred soul type.
(and many of you have been sheer JOY to get to know)
(thank you with my whole heart)

So, for the rare 10% who seem to be constipated over other
things in their life and have nothing better to do
than to look to guestbooks and such as a pseudo
Ex-Lax style means of relief~~~

~~I hate to constipate you further, but
no longer look for a response to your e-mails
or guestbook 'high fiber' leavings.

They will be "flushed" to their
well deserved oblivion :)