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To some of the best damn movies out there
that you have likely never known about!

*at the bottom will be a link to more if you enjoy this*

ALL of the films I'll list can be obtained thru either
Asian Cult Cinema or Amazon.Com, and both have been very
reliable in my experience, especially ACC.

I changed this area, to introduce you to the movies that
really get to me, in all areas, but,
are ones you likely never heard of :)

It is NOT "another" Columbine film, far from it.
IF there was ONE film that I truly feel
should be mandatory to be shown in schools,
and that ANY adult should be encouraged to see,
then, by all I hold precious in my heart....it is this film!

Dead Like Me
What does an 18 year old girl do when she is
killed by a flaming toilet seat from the MIR
space station? Why, joins the ranks for Grim Reapers :)
The series is elite in its humor, and DEEP in the emotional
truth of death and dying - a stellar series!

Battle Royale
At the end of the century, the Japanese economy is in danger and
800,000 students boycot school. Delinquency is rampant.
The powers enact the Millenium Reformation Educational Act.
"Battle Royale"
High school kids find their class kidnapped and taken
to a remote island with exploding neck collars,
and learn they have 3 days to kill each other off.
Only ONE survivor is allowed.

Battle Royale II
The story continues and the "BR ACT" has been in place
for several years...but a new twist has been added!
What I love about these films, is that the reaction of the kids
is as close to TRUE human reaction as you can get!
Watch them in order and see a realistic display of how
people under extreme conditions can manifest the
most noble of behaviors, as well as the most ugly.

You have often heard a movie described as "Faustian".
Well...here's the film of mention!
Shot in the late 20's in Germany, this silent impressionist film
is scored with a fantastic musical background
and imagery that is WOW even for today!
The classic struggle for demonic domination of the world rests
in satan's wager that he can destroy what is Divine in Faust.
Can he...? THIS is a film to treasure!

I am not well versed in the old Druid religion,
were I, I'd have a diff' take on this film.
Shot in monochrome black/white, no music, only subtle
sound effects...the film is...hard to describe.
It WILL drag you into itself, hypnotize you, and leave
you alone-raw-and bleeding on the pavement.
If you enjoy true psychological effect films, then you
may want to check this out...watch it in the dark!
The film offers no explanation,
and only you decide what meaning or explanation
you will walk away with.......

The Eye
The Japanese smoke our butts in the area of supernatural thrillers!
The spiritual realm is REAL to them (unlike Americans who seem to
have lost all belief) A young girl gets an eye
transplant...but the donor was pre-cognative!
Now, the girl must deal with being able to forsee tragic events
often signaled by the appearence of dark shadowed reapers
who appear and stick by the soon to be dead civilians
and wait to take their souls. Deeply emotional
and engrossing...don't miss it.

A story of spiritual haunting like NOTHING you have seen
before in ANY American cinema effort.
It will ( for real) make you afraid of the dark!

[Juon : vengeful spirit]
These ghosts don't just bump, they kill and haunt
in ways that will destroy your mind-body...and soul!