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Yep, plan on being here a while,
so I'd suggest a potty-break before proceeding.

Before you proceed let me explain my links philisophy.

I get (as do all site-owners)
many requests to swap links, and wish I could
but I've always felt that if you wanna list a person's link
then just do it. List the sites you really liked and don't
try to blackmail them into a link back.

You'd be suprised how often I get an e-mail like:
"Hi, I have listed you in my links. Here is my Url for my banner.
Here is my home Url, please be sure to save the banner to
your own drive and link my Url to it."

Can we spell Pretentious Butt-Weasels?
A'h knew we could!

Look, if you want to add me to your site, that is cool,
and I do thank you. But don't get your ass hairs up if
I don't list you here. My site is no more special than any other.

THAT is why the links I'm about to present here
are places I am HAPPY to share with you
because they were great and fun and I liked them.

I did not ask them to link me back.

----almost ready :)

Freaking best around!!

Sites outside USA that Rock!

Message Boards that don't suk!

Parody and Satire sites!

FAVE Personal Sites!

DAMN fine dark shopping sprees!

Groovy MySpacers!