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well, I uphold ALL the teachings, doctrines & dogmas of the
Holy Roman Catholic Church. So, what do I think of anyone else?
I don't hold anyone to the standards that I require of myself, nor,
do I require that their theology be the same!

Those who can't accept you as a decent, loving, VALUABLE
human being unless you mirror them or their faith are
only showing a horrid doubt in themselves and what they profess,
else, they would not REQUIRE you to act or be in such a way as to
VALIDATE what they believe. Christ did not sacrifice himself
for just Christians - but for the whole of humanity.
Save the "straw man" tactics for when we all, will eventually,
stand before him.

That being said, I'd like to proceed to the following topics -
and invite you to go with me or, move on to
the other areas of the site. Oh, and by-the-way,
NO: I am not "hollier than thou"! I fail totally at
most things in Catholic doctrine/dogma - but that does not invalidate
them, or make them "TOO HARD" to live by. It simply means I'm
not doing things, or AM doing things, by my own use of will.
Black & White! Goth & White - honesty. It simply means, I'm not
blaming anyone but me, that I love Christ and know he loves me-
and you, and I hope that at the future event that waits for me,
he will see past my weakness and selfishness to that truth that
I do love him, even if imperfectly.

was founded by Christ and sustained,
perpetuated by the Apostles and continues
to this day.

Though a unpopular statement
to non-Catholics, it is fully supported,
as is ALL the Church's doctrines
and dogmas, by the very Bishops of
the church's described in scripture, who were
trained and installed to their office
by the Apostles. They too had
to deal with the same objections that
are raised so often today and wrote
prolific letters to the defense
of the faith. These are historical
facts! As a good starting place for anyone
wanting to study this subject, I
suggest you begin with THE FAITH OF OUR FATHERS
published by Tan books and publishers.
by Karl Keating and published by IGNATIUS press.

Hail Mary, Full Of Grace,
The Lord Is With Thee,
Blessed Art Thou Amongst Women,
And Blessed Is The Friut Of Thy Womb,
Holy Mary, Mother Of God,
Pray For Us Sinners,
Now And At The Hour Of
Our Death - Amen*

Our Lord has often used Her
and allowed her, to impart
warnings to the world, evidenced
in many of her apparitions, that
are in line with the Book
of Revelations. She has addressed,
at their respective ages, current
world situations (which fully came to be)
and forewarnings for future times.
And THIS generation and the next
century are boldly mentioned.
LaSalette, France, 1846 contains
a very important warning for 2000
onward, in particular, for the Catholic Church,
and one that I am grieved to say,
I see manifesting.

In 1981, She appeared in Medjugore, Yugoslavia,
to begin what was a daily vision with
the chosen children (now adults) and
each meeting was hours long.
The visions continue and have relationship,
to all prior historical apparitions -
but, She has said that when the visions here end-
they will be her last on the earth, forever.
Currently, Her visits are now few,
and for only minutes at a time now,
and she has stopped visiting most of
the visionaries (She told them this is how it would be.
For those with an interest, I HIGHLY suggest
reading (as it covers the entire realm of
all aspects in short, concise form)
Ted/Maureen Flynn through MaxKol
Communications, or,
(703) 709-0200.